Frequently Asked Questions

Jonathan Chicot, production manager

“I love to meet with clients, and talk about what their big day will be like! Let’s get the most popular questions out of the way, so you can begin to learn a bit about our studio…”

~ Jonathan

What is your style?

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What's the difference between your photographers?

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What are the deliverables?

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How long are your films?

You may have noticed our portfolios feature more than just formal stylized couple’s portraits in front of some epic background. That’s by design. Sure, we love to take a beautiful portrait, but there is so much more to a wedding day than that. We love candid moments of real emotion.

Finally, we strive for timelessness. Wedding photography has seen a lot of trends come and go, so we avoid chasing whatever is the photography fad of the moment. The first time you open your gallery and look at your images we want you to be blown away and overcome with emotion, but we also want your photographs to look perfect on your 10th – 20th – or 50th anniversary.

Our goal is to truly capture the inner beauty of your relationship, your family, and your event. We make sure we are meticulous in our planning with you so that we anticipate every special moment that you care about the most.

Generally, our wedding day coverage is between 10-12 hours of coverage time. With a Hindu wedding, we begin our services a few hours before the Baraat to shoot detail and prep photos. We also like to do all of your formal portraits and group photos before the main ceremony gets underway. This way, you look your best and can enjoy the rest of your day. After your ceremony, we can spend up to an hour doing extended group photos with family and friends. This block in the morning is typically around 5 to 7 hours total.

In the afternoon, we can take a break and recharge for the evening. This is time we aren’t shooting and you are not being charged. Note that any break in our coverage needs to be at least two hours long.

Then, we can restart our coverage and take your evening formal portraits while the other half of our team covers candid photos at cocktail hour. After the main events of the reception are completed, we typically stay for about an hour or so of the dance party before we head home. The evening block is usually a bit less time than the morning, around 4 to 6 hours.

After booking, you can always add time to your package as you need. If the day comes and we need a bit more time, we are always flexible to work out an overtime rate.

We do weddings of all cultures and religions! About 80% of our clients are either Northern or Southern Indian, but we also do a ton of Sikh, Jewish, Greek, and Muslim weddings. We especially love to shoot fusion weddings – It’s so great to see two different cultures come together as one happy family!

Between our main associates, our Staff photographers, and our cinema team, we typically shoot between 30 to 50 events a year. We are busy, but not too busy to treat each client with the individualized attention they deserve. We have been in business since 2001, and have shot more than 700 events.

Fundamentally, all of our photographers take the same philosophical approach to your day, but each have distinct styles when it comes to posing and editing. While they all have dozens of weddings in their experience, we price them according to their seniority at the studio. You can get a sense of their styles by viewing their individual portfolios in the “Photos” menu above.

For photography, we always have two photographers for the wedding day. They are able to split up in the morning to cover the getting ready process, even if the bride and groom are in two separate locations.

For the Sangeet and other pre-wedding events, we are always okay using just one photographer.

For video we use two cinematographers for the Sangeet and Wedding day, and one for all other pre-wedding events.

All of our packages include electronic delivery of your photographs and films via private galleries where you can view everything online, share with family and friends, and download all media directly to your computer for safe-keeping.

We also pledge to keep all your media online indefinitely, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything if your computer crashes. It will always be safe in the cloud!

We will take thousands of pictures at your event. After the wedding, every image is downloaded and securely backed up to redundant hard drives. Then, your main photographer will go through everything and cull out any photos that aren’t desirable, like blinking and redundant poses.

From there, each photo is developed, color corrected, and enhanced to look its absolute best. We typically deliver around 100 images per hour of coverage.

All raw video content can be delivered to you on a hard drive after the editing is completed.

We do not provide raw files of the images.

An initial quote from us will almost always include all travel expenses, including hotel if needed. Our production manager will take the lead on booking all logistics for your coverage team so there is one less thing to worry about during your wedding planning!

In some circumstances, like destination weddings, we may specify that our quote does not include travel costs.

We include a 10-15 minute highlight film as the main deliverable. Our goal is to use the best footage from your entire event, along with custom music and audio from your friend’s and family’s speeches to tell your story.

We also commit to delivering “Extended Edits” of the Sangeet program, Wedding Ceremony, and Reception speeches. These are real-time full length documentary style films of each of the most important parts of your event, shot with multiple camera angles edited together. They serve as a great record of your event and are great to sit and watch if you want to relive the day moment by moment!