About our films…

Invest in the memories of your wedding day with the magical storytelling that only film can offer.

All of our cinema packages come with a ten(ish)-minute highlight film that chronicles all the best moments of your entire event. You will hear a custom-designed soundtrack along with lots of live audio captured in pristine quality. We tell your unique story by using the best lines from speeches at your reception as narration to guide us through.

We also understand you may want to relive your day moment by moment, which is why we include “Extended Edits” of your Ceremony and Reception with every collection. These are a real-time document of your events, so we edit together our multiple camera angles into an unbroken and engrossing film including the live audio captured right at the source.

All of this is delivered online via an innovative platform that gives you the guided and curated experience of a Blu-Ray, but without the hassle of keeping track of discs. Sharing your films with family and friends has never been easier, using a private link that will never expire. We can also offer DVD copies or hard drive backups of your raw footage at your request.