As wedding photographers, we have the incredible opportunity to witness and capture the most beautiful and unique moments in people’s lives. The recent Hindu wedding of Reena and Jeremiah in Philadelphia was nothing short of stunning, filled with rich cultural traditions, vibrant colors, and intricate details.

The wedding festivities began with the Sangeet, a pre-wedding celebration filled with music and dance, held on November 4th at The Notary Hotel in Philadelphia. The bride and groom’s families came together to celebrate their upcoming union, with lively performances and traditional Indian food. The energy in the room was electric, with guests dressed in vibrant colors and adorned with intricate jewelry.

The following day, on November 5th, the Hindu ceremony took place at the Arts Ballroom. The ceremony was steeped in tradition, with intricate rituals that have been passed down through generations. The bride wore an intricately beaded lehenga in deep royal blue with gold accents, a stunning example of the exquisite craftsmanship and artistry that goes into creating these traditional garments.

One of the highlights of the wedding was the couple’s portrait session in front of the iconic Rodin Museum on the Ben Franklin Parkway. The contrast between the historic building and the couple’s traditional attire created a beautiful juxtaposition that was both timeless and modern.

The Groom’s baraat, a traditional Indian wedding procession, was a sight to behold. Despite the Philadelphia Phillies losing the World Series that week, the city still had a parade to celebrate as the baraat made its way down Broad Street, with the groom atop a decorated horse and accompanied by a band playing traditional music. It was a festive and joyous celebration, with the groom’s family and friends dancing and singing in the streets.

The wedding mandap, where the couple exchanged their vows, was open-style and adorned with pastel pink roses, creating a serene and romantic atmosphere. The rituals of the ceremony were steeped in symbolism, from the exchange of garlands to the seven vows that the couple takes together, each one representing a promise they make to each other for their future life together.

The reception was held at The Lucy by Cescaphe, and the decor was chic and modern, with floral centerpieces using pops of bright orange roses. The couple’s first dance was a beautiful and emotional moment with their loved ones looking on. The night was filled with laughter, dancing, and celebration, as the bride and groom marked the start of their new life together.

What makes Hindu weddings so unique is the rich cultural traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. From the intricate and beautiful garments to the colorful and vibrant celebrations, there is a depth of meaning and symbolism in every aspect of the wedding. The rituals and traditions connect the couple not just to each other, but to their families, their community, and their heritage.

As wedding photographers, it was an honor to be a part of Reena and Jeremiah’s wedding, to witness and capture the beauty and emotion of their special day. The stunning locations, the vibrant colors, and the rich traditions all came together to create a wedding that was unforgettable in every way.